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Airshow Botswana 2018


The Botswana Airshow to be held at Matsieng Aerodrome (FBMA) in Botswana on 27 May 2017 is not only about having a tremendous day of fun and excitement for aviation enthusiasts all over Southern Africa.

All the proceeds, after accounting for all costs of presenting the event, is donated to local charities and worthy social institutions.

The organisers of Botswana Airshow 2017 would like to express its gratitude to the many sponsors, benefactors, participants and the visiting public which all contribute towards making the Botswana Airshow a success for three consecutive years and we are all looking forward to welcoming everybody on 27 May at Matsieng Aerodrome for Botswana Airshow 2017.

Let us all make a special effort to have great fun and excitement while knowing that proceeds go for very worthy charitable causes.


  • Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre

    Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Persons: BWP 40 000,00 (ZAR 48 800)

    The Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre is situated 5 km away from Matsieng Aerodrome and is functioning as a boarding and rehabilitation centre for approximately 100 handicapped persons.

    It was started by the Mothers of Mochudi many years ago and sterling work is being undertaken in teaching skills to the handicapped. As with many similar organisations, funding is always a problem and the Botswana Airshow organisers have decided to aim to make a generous donation to this worthy institution from the proceeds of Botswana Airshow 2016.


  • Lady Khama Charitable Trust

    Lady Khama Charitable Trust : BWP 50 000,00 (ZAR61 000,00)

    The Lady Khama Charitable Trust was created in memory of Lady Ruth Khama, the late widow of the late Sir Seretse Khama , the Founding President of Botswana.

    The purpose of the Trust is to support charitable organisations that focus on helping the less fortunate with a particular focus on vulnerable women and children. The Trust allocates its funds to dedicated projects in Botswana proposed by charitable organisations that can demonstrate good governance and financial discipline in their support of disadvantaged, in particular women and children in need.

    The Lady Khama Charitable Trust's purpose is to help improve the lives of vulnerable women and children in Botswana. The Trust aims to achieve this by initiating, establishing, supplementing and promoting charitable and educational activities in Botswana and by raising and investing funds to support this mission.


  • Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation

    Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation: BWP 20 000,00 (ZAR 24 400,00)

    The Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation (SKMF) was founded in 2007 by the former President of the Republic of Botswana, His Excellency Sir Ketumile and Lady Masire.

    It draws heavily from his inspiration and experiences as an elder statesman to contribute towards the socio- economic and political developments of the country and the sub- region. As a Non Governmental Organization, the Foundation relies on donations and sponsorship from the business community, the general public, and fundraising efforts.